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Sophie’s story shows her remarkable resilience and determination to help her daughter meet her developmental milestones. Find out how Early Support from Wonderland’s occupational therapist, Jane, made an extraordinary difference for this family.

Learn more about our autism navigator’s role in guiding families to and through the diagnosis process. Wonderland collaborates with UW Autism Center and other agencies to provide early diagnoses of autism and holistic support for children and their families.

Two foster families share their stories and the impact of Wonderland’s specialized support to children in foster care and their families through the CHERISH program.

Hope RISING Clinic provides supports and services for children from birth through 12 years of age with suspected or confirmed prenatal substance exposure. Learn more.

Meet the founders of the Justin Van Hollebeke Memorial Golf Tournament – Wonderland parents who have been giving back for nearly 20 years!

Wonderland’s services help to build a healthy foundation during the most critical period of brain development.

Meet Petra! Wonderland’s 2016 Testimonial Video

We are proud of this year’s testimonial video, “Where are They Now”, generously created by Idea Decanter.