Seattle Developmental Bridge Program

The Bridge program offers developmental screenings and short-term therapeutic support for qualifying children birth through four years of age in Seattle, serving as the “bridge” to other long-term community resources. Services are flexible and customized to meet the child and family’s unique needs.

Who is Seattle Developmental Bridge for?

  • Children birth through three years of age who do not qualify for the Early Support program but developmental concerns exist OR the child has a family member with a disability.
  • Children ages three through four years old who are ending or never had Early Support and need short-term developmental services and help connecting to ChildFind or other community programs.

How to Enroll

  • If you are a family residing in Seattle and receiving Wonderland services, ask your provider about a referral to the Bridge program if you think it might be a good fit.
  • If your family is not currently enrolled with Wonderland, and you are interested in exploring Bridge enrollment for your child, contact Boyer Children’s Clinic (link to to connect to Bridge at 206-325-8477.