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Teletherapy in action: Celebrating moments big and small

In March, we transitioned all our therapy services to virtual telehealth. It is, no doubt, a big adjustment for our families and providers. Now, a month into this new mode of service, our therapists share their experience and celebrate wins big and small.

“I have been working with this family for almost a year. We have sent him through neurodevelopmental testing because he was not yet crawling or walking. BUT last week he took his first independent steps during our telehealth appointment!!! HUGE win for the family.”

“I did a visit yesterday for a little girl who is behind in her language. Two weeks ago we did our first virtual visit, and her older brother was there as well. He heard me coaching Mom on how to present options, and I was able to coach him, too. This week he was part of the session again, and I heard him use what we talked about last session! Even better, the child repeated the word back, and he was able to reinforce her! Given the current situation, our coaching is used by whole families, not necessarily just one key provider. I love this!”

“When I evaluated a four-year-old boy with prenatal substance exposure in August, he was using two hands to hold a pencil and didn’t know how to make any shapes or lines, he would just scribble. Fast forward to yesterday, and he is now using one hand to draw and was drawing circles and squares to make a truck!”

Our donor community helps make the above wins possible, allowing us to partner with the family and celebrate each milestone even in these uncertain times. Currently, more families are asking us for assistance through our uncompensated care fund due to loss of income. If you would like to help support care for all families regardless if income, insurance, or ability to pay, please visit

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