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Hope RISING Clinic Update

“I feel like what we are hearing today in the Hope RISING Clinic is the piece of the puzzle that has been missing. This place truly is a Wonderland!”

Thank you so much for your help launching Hope RISING Clinic. Your support is changing lives! The clinic opened in May, and the team has been busy. Our FASD diagnostic clinic evaluates two children per month and has seen seven children so far. We are booked into 2020.

24 families are already receiving Hope RISING Clinic’s full range of therapeutic services on a weekly basis, with 45 more families in the intake process.

We have witnessed visible relief on the faces of parents and caregivers as their stress begins to lift and they start to truly understand: Their child isn’t volitionally choosing to not behave or do something requested—it’s because they can’t. And that, for these parents and caregivers, is life-changing.

The clinic is ramping up over time, which feels like a good pace for both families and staff. The children coming receiving regular therapy need an extensive depth of services, and we’ve been learning an incredible amount since May.

For example, our Boundless Program speech-language pathologist had a first appointment with a child and was disappointed that she could only get in five minutes of what she considered therapy because the child was very distracted. However, the child’s father was thrilled, because that was the longest the child had focused on anything. The next appointment with the child went much better, incorporating games that helped to soothe the child, allowing for more time on actual therapy.

Here are some statistics about our first Hope RISING Clinic clients:

Family structure

  • 63% have been adopted
  • 33% are in foster care
  • 4% are with parents
  • 81% of children had prenatal polysubstance exposure

One of our favorite quotes heard recently as a family was leaving Hope RISING Clinic:

Mom: “Please say goodbye and thank you.” (Directed at child)
Child: “Thank you for what?”
Mom: “For changing our lives!”

You are the power behind our work at Hope RISING Clinic. You helped us confirm the incredible need for these services in our community. We, along with our new HRC clients, are so grateful for your support.

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