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Hope RISING Clinic for Prenatal Substance Exposure

Hope RISING Clinic is the first and only clinic in the country solely dedicated to serving children, from birth through age 12, affected by prenatal substance exposure. Our team of uniquely trained providers specializes in assessment, therapy, and diagnostic evaluation for children exposed to drugs or alcohol during pregnancy. With innovative and evidence-based treatment and support for the whole family, Hope RISING Clinic helps children with prenatal substance exposure rise to their full potential.

While a major cause of developmental disabilities, treatment for prenatal substance exposure remains widely unaddressed and underfunded due largely to stigma and shame. 10% of children born in the United States are affected by prenatal substance exposure, and prenatal alcohol exposure is widely considered under-identified, with some estimates as high as 20%. Hope RISING Clinic staff knows how to reach  children early and deliver support services that optimize their prospects for a healthy and productive life.

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Our Services

Therapy & Family Support

prenatal substance exposureThis unique program provides assessment and evidence-based therapies for children with suspected or confirmed prenatal substance exposure, and support for their families.

FASD Evaluations

Once a month, our team conducts 4-digit code diagnostic FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorders) evaluations for children with confirmed prenatal alcohol exposure.

“During our FASD diagnostic assessment, I felt like someone FINALLY understood what we are going through. Someone was actually listening to us. Thank you!”
—Hope RISING Clinic Parent