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The CHERISH™ Program

The CHERISH™(Children Encouraged by Relationships In Secure Homes) program, created by our partners at Kindering, provides specialized support and therapy services for children in foster care and their families. This Infant Mental Health program is designed to meet the unique needs of foster families and children birth to three years of age.

Our CHERISH™ Services

  • A complete developmental evaluation for children ages birth to three, including a specialized psychosocial assessment.
  • A therapeutic home-visiting program centered around attachment and social-emotional well-being.
  • Other developmental therapies as needed.
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CHERISH™ at Wonderland

The focus of our program is to support strong relationships with key people in a child’s life and help problem solve around common issues of attachment, trauma, development, visitation, transitions, and behaviors.

The CHERISH™ team aims to minimize trauma, stabilize placements, and facilitate healthy transitions when necessary for children in the child welfare system. They work closely with other providers and agencies serving the families such as caseworkers, pediatricians, and guardians ad litem. While CHERISH™ staff do not advocate for a particular permanent plan, we support reunification whenever possible and encourage relationships between caregivers and parents.

CHERISH™ providers have various educational backgrounds, including social work, counseling, special education, and speech, occupational, and physical therapies. Each team member has specialized training and receives ongoing support from Kindering’s CHERISH™ program.

Wonderland is proud to be one of eight sites in King County and one of two sites in Snohomish County offering this specialized service since 2015. For more information about the CHERISH™ program, please visit Kindering’s CHERISH™ website.

“When kids are coming and going, it can have an impact on everyone. You celebrate and cry when someone leaves. The state will provide for kids in care. But who provides support for the families who care for those kids? Wonderland does that.” – CHERISH Foster Parent

Telehealth Services

In addition to in-person services, Wonderland is continuing to offer virtual therapy and family support services in the comfort and convenience of your home! We are also accepting new families for evaluations and referrals. Are you concerned about your child’s development? Contact us today to request an evaluation at no cost to your family. Call us at 206-364-3777 or click the Request Appointment button to get started.

Additional Supports and Resources for Families

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