Early Childhood Programs & Services

Wonderland’s Early Childhood programs serve children from birth through age five, offering a broad range of early-intervention services and supports to meet the individual needs of each child and family. We serve families in north King and south Snohomish counties.

The Next Level Early-Intervention Program

Ages 0-3

Infants through age three receive personalized early-intervention services in their natural learning environments, such as home or childcare center.

Developmental Bridge Program

Ages 0-4

Provides a “bridge” to the next program for children in Seattle from birth through four years of age.

Family Supports

Ages 0-5

Our community-based programs support children and their caregivers through group activities.

Telehealth Services

Wonderland is offering virtual therapy and family support services in the comfort and convenience of your home! We are also accepting new families for evaluations and referrals. Are you concerned about your child’s development? Contact us today to request an evaluation at no cost to your family. Call us at 206.364.3777 or fill out the form below.

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