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Wonderland relies on the generosity of our donors.
Your support ensures all children can receive access to critical early-intervention services.

A special Thank You to our 2017 event sponsors!

Verdant Health Commission

The Boeing Company
Employee Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound

Medina Foundation
United Way of King County
United Way of Snohomish County

The Norcliffe Foundation

Bob Dhaens and Stacy Taylor
Ernest Swanson
Julie and Tim Barclay
Lori Hayes and Paul Nelson
Lucky Seven Foundation
Mark Hamilton and Mary Kirchoff
Moccasin Lake Foundation
Nysether Family Foundation
The Everett Clinic
The F. Danz Foundation
The Glaser Foundation
Tulalip Charitable Giving

Alaskan Observers
Amie Stafford
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Carl Cornish and Adrienne Montoya
Carol and David Brock
Chris Barry
Ed Anderson
Jerry Martin
Kawabe Memorial Fund
Kollros Foundation
Rachel Stephenson
Sterling Realty Organization

Adam Droker
Adam Shelton
Amy Vujovich
Andrea DeMuro and Carol Bestwick
Anthony and Amy Benezra
Brian Ottesen
Bruce Parker
Chris Gorrell and Sydney Johnson-Gorrell
Chris Van Hollebeke
Curt Gould and Laura Veasey
Dan Richards
Danielle Bienz
David Lee
Don and Peggy Redmon
Eileen McKillop
Emily Swinford and Ben Warner
Erin and Mandy Schlegel
Erin Barclay
George Adams
Heidi and John Farlow
James Coghlan
Jan and Gene Oliver
Jane and John Witmer
Janet Wrathall and John Maxin
Jeff Hill
Jerry Miller
Jim Wigfall
John and Kelly Otto
Jon Mozeika and Lindsey Montoya
Jordan Fund
Julie Nagel
Karen Bienz and Dan Danhof
Kirk and Jean Robinson
Lynette Wachholz and Carol Bartig
Mark Pierson Charitable Giving
Mary Bentler and Ros Cushion
Mary L. Lynch
Nick Anderson
Patricia and Barry Keech
Paul Garner
Peggy McClintock
Roland and Lisa DePietto
Rowan and Dee Gould
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Seattle Foundation
Tedd and Melissa Dideriksen