Board of Directors

Wonderland Founder, Office & Billing Consultant, Board member since 2002

Barbara Murray

I am proud to be an original founding member of Wonderland and have served on the board on and off for 45 years. To see Wonderland grow over the years and to serve so many children, to see the care the staff provides is truly inspiring. Wonderland provides very specialized care for children with special needs and our staff make a difference, truly enhancing the lives of many children and their families.
Finance Director, Intellectual Ventures, Board member since 2009

Carl Cornish

Doctor of Neurology, Seattle Children’s Autism Center, Board member since 2011

Peter Kollros, MD

I have always thought it important to volunteer and to model community service for my children and younger colleagues. I have served as a Cub Scout leader and on boards for an independent school and a small medical research fund, as well as participated on numerous committees and councils.

As a child neurologist, I have worked with children with special needs for over 35 years. It is immensely gratifying to see and to be part of the wonderful work that Wonderland is doing providing services to children and their families. But one of the best parts of this work is that I get to meet and learn from other board members and Wonderland staff, amazing and talented people dedicated to helping children with special needs. I believe that Wonderland is truly remarkable and the best organization of its kind. It is an honor to serve as its president of the board of directors.

Sr. Program Management Consultant, Board member since 2015

Stacy Taylor

It is important that children who can’t voice their needs be represented in our community. Being on Wonderland’s Board means I have the opportunity to work alongside people that share my passion for helping children and their families in a truly meaningful way.
Pediatrician, The Everett Clinic - Shoreline, Board member since 2016

Kristi Kiyonaga, MD

As a pediatrician I see the critical importance of early childhood development. I collaborate with parents to ensure that each child is growing and developing to their highest potential. Wonderland offers exceptional, family-centered early-intervention services to my patients, and this is why I joined the Board of Directors.
Early Childhood Educator, Wonderland Alumna, Board member since 2017

Courtney Hayes, Secretary

As a former client, I can testify to the importance of early intervention in the immediate lives and future selves of children with developmental delays or disabilities. I’m excited to see more children come through and continue to thrive as I have. It’s a pleasure to watch how Wonderland has grown since my time, and I’m honored to be a member of the Wonderland Board of Directors and give back to an organization that helped my family and myself so much over the years.
Doctor of Neurology, Seattle Children’s Neurology, Board member since 2017

Nina Natarajan, MD

Scheduler/Buyer/Planner, Fluke Corporation, Board member since 2018

Scott Cornish, President

I am a big believer in the importance of early intervention, and I am in awe at the positive impact of Wonderland services. I also think it is vitally important to give back to the community, so being able to play a small role in the continued growth and success of Wonderland is a very gratifying experience.
Underwriting Team Lead, VP, Key Bank, Board member since 2018

Adrienne Montoya

I have attended many Wonderland events over the past several years and I love what the organization does to help our community. I sought board membership at Wonderland because I wanted to be able to give back to children and families in need, in a more meaningful way.
Founder & CEO, Nurturing Pathways, Inc. Board member since 2019

Christine Roberts

Senior Program Manager, The Get Schooled Foundation, Board member since 2020

Danielle Gunder

I have always had a passion for equity in opportunities, especially for children. Wonderland brings that passion to life by striving to ensure every child – and every family – is able to reach their fullest potential and thrive in our communities.

I found Wonderland on Volunteer Match in 2013 and started volunteering just doing basic office tasks. Since that first day, I have fallen more and more in love with the work and the people at Wonderland. To see a group of highly talented individuals come together to support all of these children is truly inspiring. I’m excited to put my knowledge and skills to work as a board member!

Director, Product Management, Artica, Board member since 2020

Barrett Rodgers, Vice President

I’ve seen the impact that early intervention services can have in a child’s life, and I believe they are vitally important. I also believe in the importance of improving equity in all aspects of life, especially for children, who have no say in the inequities they face. The core of Wonderland’s mission revolves around these two tenets, and it shows in their work. This resonated deeply with me, and I joined the Board of Directors to apply my professional skills and personal passion to help Wonderland make an even greater impact in our community.
Senior Program Manager, Amazon, Board member since 2021

Abbie Sims, Treasurer

I strongly believe Wonderland’s mission to provide specialized therapy and support to children and families is urgently important in today’s society. I look forward to helping reach more families in our community with creative, equitable solutions to expand these life-changing services.
Senior Technical Writer, Amazon Web Services, Board member since 2022

Jayana Saldanha

Wonderland’s mission is so important to the children we serve, and to society as a whole. Joining Wonderland’s board gives me the chance to do impactful work that will enhance the lives of kids and their families. Children are our future – they all deserve the chance to thrive, no matter their circumstances.

Advisory Board & Community Council

Advisory Board Member

Bob Dhaens

I became a Board member after being an active member in the Justin Van Hollebeke Memorial Golf Tournament. The importance Wonderland plays in the lives of kids inspired me to get more involved. My insider perspective lets me see how effectively Wonderland uses funding and grants to provide early-intervention services to so many children.
Advisory Board Member

Erika Anderson

I am involved with Wonderland because a friend of mine received services from this outstanding organization over 30 years ago, and today she is thriving! She showcases the importance of early intervention and the impact it can have on the lives in our community. I am so proud to be on the Wonderland board to further this mission in our community.

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