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Who We Are

Wonderland Child & Family Services is a nonprofit agency serving children with developmental delays, disabilities, and prenatal substance exposure. Founded in 1969, Wonderland is dedicated to helping children meet healthy developmental milestones.

We reach hundreds of families every month through Early Childhood Programs & Services and Hope RISING Clinic for Prenatal Substance Exposure. Our direct service providers are uniquely trained to provide trauma- and FASD-informed care.


Wonderland provides a strong and equitable foundation for children and their families with diverse needs and abilities to flourish through therapy, education, advocacy, and resources.


Wonderland envisions that children of all abilities and backgrounds are celebrated for their unique gifts and contributions, have the skills and confidence to reach their full potential, and are active and valued members of thriving families and communities.

Early Childhood Programs & Services

Ages 0-5

Early Support for Infants & Toddlers, Developmental Bridge Program, and group-based Family Supports.

Learn more about Early Childhood Programs

Hope RISING Clinic

Ages 0-12

Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for children with prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol, and support for their families.

Learn more about Hope RISING Clinic

Wonderland is a sigh of relief to parents of kids with special needs. Wonderland staff taught me to be an advocate for my child, and it helped tremendously just to know that someone was looking out for us. – Wonderland Parent

Together We Thrive

Wonderland endeavors to provide all employees and families we serve, regardless of background or identity, with equitable, meaningful, and engaging opportunities to thrive and have a sense of belonging.

Wonderland is committed to implementing trauma informed practices, and proud to be designated an official CARE Community site through Snohomish County. CARE (Compassion, Appreciation, Resilience, Empowerment) sites are dedicated to ongoing learning and operational change focused on Trauma Informed Care.