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Letter from the Executive Director

What a year 2020 was! It challenged us to innovate how we deliver our services to children and to be patient when things didn’t work as planned. It humbled and inspired us with the resilience and strength of our families.

As the pandemic shut down schools, parks, and playgrounds, we continued delivering our services, reaching children through telehealth in the safety of their homes.

While social distancing kept communities isolated, our therapists worked tirelessly throughout what was and continues to be a very stressful time to support overwhelmed families.

Every week, they improvised and engaged children through their laptop screens, bringing hope and a sense of normalcy to their disrupted routines.


We couldn’t have done it all without our incredible community. Your support truly powered our work in 2020, making these landmark goals possible:

    • Providers spent 14,390 hours supporting families in person and through telehealth.
    • Every month, 314 children were served through our Early Support and Hope RISING Clinic programs.
    • 507 families received life-changing therapies and support throughout this challenging year.


We didn’t stop at pivoting all our usual services to telehealth. Outside of therapy hours, Wonderland providers volunteered to deliver donations of diapers, clothes, and critical supplies to families in need on our caseloads.

In addition to our Early Support program and Hope RISING Clinic for Prenatal Substance Exposure work, we also supported families in our virtual community.

Hundreds of children joined our virtual Play & Learn groups this year to read books, sing songs, shake out their wiggles, and get much-needed social interaction.

Now that we’ve reached 2021, we look forward with gratitude to serving more children and families this year, no matter what challenges the year may bring.



Thank you for being part of our community!



Mary Kirchoff
Executive Director, CEO


P.S. Did you know that we are offering FREE online developmental milestone screener, in addition to the first therapy session at NO COST? We know that so many families in our community are deeply affected by the pandemic, and we are here to help. Please help us spread the word to families with children who may benefit from our wide range of therapies and family support.

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