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What is Wonderland?

We help children meet healthy developmental milestones through evaluations, Early Intervention, and supplemental support programs.

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Are you concerned about the development of a child between the ages of birth and three? We provide in-home evaluations at no cost to you. Babies and toddlers can’t wait, so request an evaluation today!

Meet Our Clients

Inspirational. Dynamic. Heartwarming. Every child we serve makes progress in some capacity. We take pride in every milestone they reach. Meet some of our all-star kids.

Get Connected

We love our volunteers and interns. Find out how to get involved here.

A big thank you to the Medina Foundation for the very generous grants awarded to Wonderland, totaling $30,000!

Thank you to the Community Foundation of Snohomish County for the generous grant of $3,000!

Thank you to the Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions Fund for the generous grant of $3,500!

Thank you to the Jordan Fund for their generous grant of $1,000!

Thank you to the Rotary Club of Lake Forest Park for their generous grant of $1,000!

Thank you to The Everett Clinic Foundation for their generous grant of $5,000!

We are thrilled to announce the receipt of a generous $450,000, three-year award, from the Verdant Health Commission directed towards our early-intervention program. We look forward to employing this award to support children and families.

Thank you to The Norcliffe Foundation for their generous grant of $15,000!

September is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Awareness Month! Did you know FASD is the leading cause of developmental disabilities in the U.S.? And it is 100% preventable.

Thank you to our school district partners!

Wonderland’s work with children lays the foundation for future learning, with school readiness as a goal. We are grateful to our school district partners who support our vision that all children should have access to our high-quality care that sets the stage for achieving each child’s brightest future.

Learn more about the importance of Wonderland’s
early-intervention services, and why timing matters.